Born in Pasadena, Texas, 1992

2010-2012 Studied at Cowley County Community College

2012 Studying at the University of Kansas

I'm Rhiannon Rosas I am currently a senior majoring in design with a concentration in photo media at the University of Kansas, where I recently finished my minor in journalism. I also studied journalism and graphic design at Cowley County Community College for two years.

I have always had a creative drive, whether it was photography, graphics, dance or sports and I always had an outlet for that creative drive through working on newspaper staffs or competing in sports. It was at Cowley that I really fell in love with graphic design. I studied journalism at Cowley and knew right away that I wanted to be a part of the Cowley Press, the campus newspaper, staff. It was in that position that I started really working with layouts and creating fun graphics to go along with stories. After hearing feedback from my peers and talking with my adviser, I knew I needed to take my creativity farther. I switched majors to graphic design, started take design courses and loved what I was doing.

After Cowley I went to the University of Kansas. I was unaware of the graphic design program there and decided to look back into the School of Journalism. After taking some courses and realizing that I wasn't as happy just writing stories and that I really wanted to be creating layouts and graphics, I looked into the School of Architecture, Design and Planning. I got accepted into the photo media program, started taking courses and fell in love with the medium of photography. Getting to work with film and digital and experimenting with alternative processes, I finally found a place where I was happy. 

I have two jobs that keep me busy creating graphics and my classes that keep me clicking away with my camera. I could not be more happy with the creative person I have become and I can't wait to see where my creative journey takes me.

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